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Solid Sheds was started in 2016 by Dad (Brian) and I (Robert May) when we built the first solid shed. Our initial business idea was to use these sheds for self- storage but we soon found there was also a market for selling sheds. We decided that manufacturing and selling the sheds that are made of solid wood so they don’t sweat, are good value and look great, should also be a key component of Solid Sheds.

Looking forward, at Solid Sheds we hope to tackle the problem of rising living costs in New Zealand by building affordable storage and living areas. Why is it that most products we buy are decreasing in price yet the cost to buy a house continues to go up? We plan to take a lean manufacturing approach and automate repetitive tasks where possible to reduce cost, this is the ultimate goal of Solid Sheds.

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Telephone: 09.8109.172

4 Anzac Valley Road, Waitakere, Auckland, 0816
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